LOST: The Incident (part 1)

"Everything alright?"

"I was enjoying some alone time."

"You see what’s behind you?"

"It’s a door. How ‘bout that."

"It’s not just a door Ben, it’s the door to the hatch, where you and I first met. You mind if I ask you a question?"

"I’m a Pisces."


Ben-Sassittarius-Linus, being sassy and telling meaningless lies again.

I rather think that he does it to make himself feel better. Particularly so in this situation - he’s feeling defeated, like he’s no longer in control of anything, including his own actions. His choices are being made for him and he doesn’t want this to play out the way it’s about to, but he can’t find a way out. He doesn’t have a plan. So, as ever, he falls back on that little trick - the pointless lying, which doesn’t gain him anything, other than the feeling that he still has some sway, some power. This lie is meaningless, but maybe the next one, the next one won’t be. And if he can fool them with ease on this lie, he can catch them with the next one as well. The little lies are reassurances that he’s still potent and in some semblance of control. And for an extra dose of feels, I’m gonna go ahead and link that back to his childhood abuse. Ben has a mighty psychological need to feel that he is in charge of himself and what happens to him, that he is not weak or under the power of another. And the compulsive lying - the big lies and the little ones - helps him believe that.

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