LOST: The Other Woman

This is one of my favourite scenes. I’ve mentioned before how fantastically these two play off each other, and this is one of those emotionally rich scenes that really showcases that in a spectacular way. What makes it particularly impressive to me is that I actually didn’t like this little storyline - the whole “Ben has a destructively possessive crush on Juliet” thing. It seemed cheap and contrived to have him behave in such an overtly petty way, and I never saw that in his behaviour towards her at any other time (to a minor extent, perhaps, but nothing like this). Ben is too practical and too clever to randomly skitz out over a woman; even though he can go to extremes for his own self-interest, and he can sometimes act rashly (and violently) when his emotions get the better of him, he’s too cold and controlled for that to happen over a protracted period and in such an obvious way, as in this episode. Plus, any notion of declared ‘ownership’ of Juliet doesn’t seem to be supported by any of his actions after this point (you could say that he stopped after this little outburst, but that just brings me back to thinking this was a pointless story idea (it doesn’t even qualify as an arc) that only exists in the flashbacks in this one episode, thus reinforcing my dislike for it). Anyway. The point is, I don’t even like the story that’s playing out in the scene, but I LOVE the scene, because HOLY HELL, Michael Emerson sells it. When he comes down that hill at her, all angry and indignant? I’m literally leaning closer to the screen, totally enthralled, not wanting to miss a beat. And man, that moment in that last gif…I had to cut it down so the gif wasn’t too long, which is sad. He’s giving her that fucking cruel stare, and then he falters, he breaks eye contact, he looks down, and it’s like he just suddenly realised everything he said (and how much he seriously regrets saying it), and the mask breaks for a second and he’s vulnerable. And then he snaps straight back into Icy Hateful Mode, and tells her to take whatever time she needs, and that just makes it so much worse because it’s a polite sentiment that he doesn’t mean at all, and they both know it. Benjamin, honey, your chronic sociopathy is showing. And fuck me, it is amazing viewing.

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    The Ben/Juliet thing for me wasn’t about romance- cause not with Ben. No. She represented a way to keep his daughter...
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    The whole “Ben has a weird crush on Juliet” drove me crazy. But man I also loved this scene. Mostly because Emerson. I...
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