The X Files Best Episodes of Season Nine (according to my brothers)


John Doe

Sunshine Days


Lord of the Flies



Scary Monsters


I’ve always considered this season to be a fairly even split - one half fantastic, the other half absolute garbage. The boys seemed to reflect that, being more united in the way they felt about these episodes than they have for any other season. John Doe and Sunshine Days were easy winners (you get that with Vince Gilligan episodes), and I wholeheartedly support their endorsement. Improbable and Lord of the Flies I’m less fond of, but I could have guessed that the upbeat silliness of the one and the - what shall I call it? - dumbassery of the other would appeal to the kids. I was especially happy that they both found 4-D as excellent as I do. And then, you’ve got a little love for Hellbound and Scary Monsters, for good luck.

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