First Person Shooter - easily my least favourite episode of the entire series - was a great success with the kids.

En Ami also went off really well. Right at the start, Dante goes “I told you Scully and Cigs were gonna get together”, and of course it only got worse after that. I just kept remembering the “You want a blow job?” line from the bloopers… Also, kudos William B. Davis for getting Scully into a sexy dress. 

The highlight of the night was totally the beginning of all things, as the camera pans up to reveal the identity of the dude in bed, and the boys started chanting “SKINNER! SKINNER! SKINNER!” 

Oh, also, on the topic of Skinman, there may or may not have been a few tears of laughter over him during Hollywood A.D. Good times.

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    Hands down, the creepiest of all X Files episodes.
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