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10 Days of Person of Interest  (x)
Favorite Ending︱1x05, Judgment

Try the eggs benedict, Mr. Reese. I’ve had them many times.

Well, how positively moving. I almost wish I could shoot you all at once.

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You can’t get caught in the middle of this. Don’t you feel what’s happening? It’s like battle lines are being drawn. There’s always crossfire.

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My best friend.

And if you let me, here’s what I’ll do.
      I’ll take care of you.
                 I’ve loved and I’ve lost.

i’m not… fearless. i’m terrified. i’m always terrified. i act like i know what i’m doing, but i don’t.

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Wake up, Stiles. Wake up.


once i was  r e a l ,  once i had something to lose
once i could feel, once i was harder to bruise

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scerek or stallison